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Phase monitoring relay MMPS

INDU-ELECTRIC phase monitoring relay

The MPPS (Mains Monitoring Protection System) module from INDU-ELECTRIC meets the requirements for effective protection at small building sites and for portable electrical equipment.

The Mains Monitoring and Protection System MMPS monitors for the presence of protective earth threephase supplies connected to 5pole mains networks of type TNS (PE) and neutral conductors in three (3P+N+PE). It also detects undervoltages and overvoltages.

If the MMPS is combined with a main switch, (overall protection), the distribution box cannot be switched on in the event of a fault. If a fault occurs during operation, the distribution box is switched off by the main switch. Main switches can be mouldedcase circuit breakers (MCCB) or miniature circuit breakers (MCB) with an undervoltage release.

Please contact us if you have any further technical questions.

Faults that can be identified on the supply side or elsewhere:

  • Broken/disconnected L or N leads
  • L and PE leads transposed
  • PE lead broken/disconnected
  • PE lead broken during operation
  • PE lead carrying dangerous voltage
  • Undervoltage

THERMOLENE® mobile RCD with MMPS module

CEE 32A 400V 5P with 2m 5G6 1x RCD 40A 30mA 4P
1x CEE 32A 400V 5P
1x MMPS module (PRCD-S) 112 00 666

Solid rubber distribution box with MMPS module

CEE 32A 400V 5P with 2m 5G6 1x RCD 40A 30mA 4P
1x CEE 32A 400V 5P looped
1x CEE 16A 400V 5P 1x MCB 16A C 3P
6x Schuko 6x MCB 16A C 1P
1x MMPS module (PRCD-S)
Art.-Nr.: 112 00 665