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INDU-ELECTRIC – customized power distribution systems

company - INDU-ELECTRICpremium quality made by INDU-ELECTRICFor over 30 years INDU-ELECTRIC has supplied companies and event organizers in Great Britain, continental Europe as well as in different other countries of the world with power distribution equipment.

Our systems and components are being used for mass outdoor events around the world and guarantee the highest reliability even under the maximum stress conditions.

INDU-ELECTRIC Power DistributionThe INDU-ELECTRIC power distribution boxes are famous all over the world for their unfailing performance even under rough weather conditions which make them essential and indispensable to our customers. INDU-ELECTRIC – Uncompromising reliability at the highest level!

INDU-ELECTRIC - power where you need it

INDU-ELECTRIC – power where you need it.


 In-house enclosure production