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Enclosure Production

In-house enclosure production for
maximum flexibility

You can see enclosures.

INDU-ELECTRIC is always able to meet individual customer requests quickly and on time because we manufacture our own enclosures in-house. Distributor enclosures capable of coping with heavy loads have to be of the correct size for the equipment they hold. This makes it all the more important to match the enclosure to the specific requirements.

You can see a picture of the material THERMOLENE®

We take the view that the configuration of your power distribution box should not be limited by the availability of standardised enclosures. Whereas our competitors often adapt the configuration of the distribution box to the enclosure, with INDU-ELECTRIC you get an enclosure specifically tailored to your needs.

That way, in close communication with our engineering department, we create solutions that are customized to your individual configuration.

You can see an INDU-ELECTRIC Flightcase.


Customers who choose a power distribution box from INDU-ELECTRIC should not be expected to compromise on their flightcases where quality is concerned. For that reason, we manufacture our own flightcases in-house. Thanks to high grade materials, the tailoring of individual components down to the last millimetre by our CNC machines, and painstaking attention to detail in the final assembly, the resulting flightcases will satisfy the very highest quality aspirations.

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